Basement conversion

Important points to consider when considering waterproofing your basement/cellar.

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Conversion of basements/cellars is becoming much more popular, as the demand for more usable space, within our homes rises. Converting the basement/cellar offers a wide variety of options, including additional living/ bedroom rooms, kitchen/dining room, home cinemas, gym area, the area can be designed to suit your needs.Important considerations Choosing …

Wall Ties

What’s the difference between a Building Survey and Homebuyer Report?

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For the average homeowner, the world of surveys and reports can be mind-blowing. With all the information available online it can be difficult to work out what you require. We’ve compared two types of reports; a Building Survey and a Homebuyers Report and outlined the key reasons someone might choose …


Don’t get tied up in knots: wall tie surveys done the right way

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We received an instruction to undertake a pre-purchase inspection of a property, part of which was to include an inspection of the wall ties. The lender had refused to accept the previous survey, which had been arranged by the estate agent free of charge, the client sent Olympic Construction a …

Inspection Robot 1

Inspection Robot in Restricted Sub-Floors

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When you’re looking to purchase a property with a timber floor, the lender will often request that a ‘PCA registered damp and timber specialist to undertake an inspection of the subfloor.’ Surveyors conducting a Homebuyers report have extremely restricted access to subfloor voids themselves, so need the help of professionals …

Modern Basement interior

Why it’s important to get the right survey

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Many companies offer building surveys. So how do you recognise a qualified company that can provide the right survey you need? Olympic Construction are a RICS- CABE & PCA accredited company, with experienced Chartered Building Engineers and Certified surveyors, ready and able to undertake your surveys and provide you with …

The vital steps to correctly converting a Basement.

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The vital Steps to correctly converting a Basement.  Basement conversions are a great way of expanding and creating more space to live in when outdoor space is limited. They provide living space without drastically changing the exterior of the property.  Whether a basement conversion is worth the cost will depend on what alternatives are available and the cost of work, relative …

Photograph showing wet cavity wall insulation.

Is your home in a fit condition to be upgraded by a government Green Homes Grant?

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The government is rolling out the £2 billion ‘Green Homes Grant’ at the end of September, providing homeowners in England up to £10,000 to install insulation systems into their homes to save energy.But at what cost to the homeowner?In principle, the scheme has been rolled out with good intentions. It …

Don’t get stuck in a rot rut – dry and wet rot issues

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Fungal decay is one of the dominant causes of damage to timbers in properties. The two common types of decay being wet rot and dry rot. Fungal decay is a result of excess moisture. This can come from a number of sources such as a, leaking gutter or down pipes, …

Helping you to protect the most expensive investment you are ever likely to make Damp inspections…

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There are several methods to establish the cause of dampness within a building structure when undertaking a survey. Listening to what the occupier has to say is often overlooked but can be one of the best sources for gathering historic evidence. After all, they live in the property, so are …

Habitation Act

Guidance for Landlords – Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

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The 2018 Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation Act) 2018 came into force on 20th March 2019 and aimed to ensure NEW rented accommodation is fit for human habitation. This short article is to inform landlords how to be compliant and the consequences of flouting their legal obligations. The act is …