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Olympic Construction have fully trained and experienced surveyors who have a range of solutions at their disposal to solve your property care issues. The level of competence and performance of surveyors is very important and you should only trust a certified contractor.

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Damp Proofing


The definition of dampness is ‘Where there is water in sufficient quantities to cause problems which are unacceptable’, Resulting in mould, spoiling of decorations and timber decay.

Dampness can affect a building in different ways, rising dampness, Penetrating dampness, salt dampness, condensation and mould.

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State of the Art - Robot Inspections

As one of just two businesses in the UK with this technology, we are pleased to have increased access to previously inaccessible subfloor and roof voids. The system allows for swift recording of all findings for both parties involved (the client and the current property owner), to share the findings and avoid any potential dispute.

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Olympic Construction have been curing condensation problems for over 25 years, and have a number of cost effective solutions for both home owners and landlords, ensuring the fabric of your properties are protected and the living environment for its occupants is a healthy one.

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Wet and Dry Rot


Fungal decay can affect buildings of all ages and if decay is discovered it should be identified and remedial action taken without delay. Fungal decay occurs in timber which becomes wet/damp for a long time resulting of the attack by one of a number of wood-destroying fungi.

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Structural Repairs

Wall Ties & Structure

Unwanted movement in buildings can cause a great deal of distress and worry for homeowners. Subsidence, physical disturbance and a failure of building materials, are just some of the factors that can impact on the structural integrity of a property. Fortunately, while there are many reasons why a building can move,

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Basement Conversion


Now more than ever there is an ever increasing demand for using every available usable space within your home. The result of the need for space has created an extensive and wide spread demand for the conversion of basement areas into dry ventilated usable rooms.

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Waterproofing Existing Structures


No environment is absolutely dry, water and water vapor will always exist bound up in the building structure and in the air. However, a building will be perceived as being dry if the water present does not pose a problem for the inhabitant or contents of the building, or cause damage to decorations.

Waterproofing Existing Structures
Waterproofing New Structures


A waterproofing specialist should be appointed as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing solution is created. The waterproofing specialist should...

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