Waterproofing Existing Structures

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BS8102: 2022 -Code of practice ‘Protection of below ground structures against water ingress: Informs a habitable basement must conform to ‘Grade 3 of table 2 Waterproofing protection – Grades of performance for below ground spaces. No water ingress or damp areas is acceptable, ventilation, dehumidification, or air conditioning necessary, appropriate to the intended use.

Producing a Dry habitable room within a basement or cellar

No environment is absolutely dry, water and water vapor will always exist bound up in the building structure and in the air. However, a building will be perceived as being dry if the water present does not pose a problem for the inhabitant or contents of the building, or cause damage to decorations. Firstly the building must be correctly surveyed to establish its structural limitations and the makeup of the external ground and drainage. Water penetration from the ground must be stopped or reduced to an acceptable level so it can be managed, this can be done using a number of different systems, it is the waterproofing designer’s job to design and implement an effective system.

In existing properties, this is commonly undertaken by applying a waterproof membrane to the internal face or negative face of the structure, or by fitting a drainage membrane, which directs ingress water to a suitable collection and disposal point.

The photographs show a 600m2 mill basement with a Type C cavity drain membrane with a twin backup pump system to be used as a teaching area.
Photographs showing the waterproofing system installed to a large Victorian domestic basement in which a central drainage system was installed due to the complex layout of the rooms.

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