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What’s the difference between a Building Survey and Homebuyer Report?

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For the average homeowner, the world of surveys and reports can be mind-blowing. With all the information available online it can be difficult to work out what you require. We’ve compared two types of reports; a Building Survey and a Homebuyers Report and outlined the key reasons someone might choose one over the other.

The main difference between a Building Survey and a Homebuyers Report is that a building survey provides a more thorough inspection and a detailed check on the structure of a property. A homebuyer report is seen more of a general health check of a property.

Building Survey

A building survey is the most comprehensive survey. If you’re the owner of an older property (i.e. pre-1970s), looking for a full-detail report or if you’re considering conducting major structural work, a building survey is a wise investment. We say ‘investment’ because although it will cost more than other surveys and reports, its key purpose is to deeply assess the condition of the building in much detail.

Many buyers will confidently say that a Building Survey is worth the money as any of the major structural issues identified could cost hundreds to thousands of pounds further down the line, had they not been spotted at the time of the survey. A building survey is the best way to identify structural movement within a property, along with asbestos, roof issues and more. They can take up to a day to complete, but this depends on the size of the property.

Homebuyer Report

Homebuyer reports generally cost less than a full building survey and are the middle ground between a mortgage valuation and a building survey. They are aimed at modern, more conventional homes built in the last 80-100 years and provide a report that highlights the major and minor defects found, along with an optional estimation of the cost of rectifying said issues. But this does not necessarily include all issues identified.

They are a standard part of the process of purchasing a property and take around 1-4 hours to complete. Common issues found in a Homebuyer report include no smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, detecting damp, lack of building regulation approval and roof problems. But it will not highlight structural issues within the property.

Which one is the best choice for me?

Whilst both a building survey and Homebuyer report will provide information on the property’s condition and defects, a building survey will ultimately give you more detail. When researching which surveyor to use for your building, it is vital that you find someone who is accredited. Check that the surveyor is part of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), as this is the regulatory body for surveyors in the UK.

Chartered Building Surveyors

As Chartered building engineers, RICS and (PCA)Property Care Association registered company, we undertake full building surveys and provide a detailed report on defects relating to dampness, fungal decay, wood worm and structural stabilisation and wall ties. Our surveys will be accepted by your mortgage lender, which is of key importance

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