Traditional Buildings & Issues with rubble filled cavity walls

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When restoring or addressing defects to a property, it is essential that the surveyor undertaking the survey understands the original building systems, such as lime-based plaster, pointing, and the structure of the walls and floors. But can also advise and work with the client and the local conservation officer, to provide an end result which is best for all parties including the traditional building itself.

listed buildings

Staying within the law, when resorting or working on a listed building

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Making the list: what it means when your property is “listed” What does it mean when a building is “listed”? The term is quite literal, it is a building that has been added to a National Heritage list for special architectural or historical interest. If you’re not living or running …

A Day in the Life at Olympic Construction

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Describing a day in the life of Olympic Construction is quite a challenge, as we offer such a range of services that no two days are the same. As Chartered Building Engineers and Certified surveyors specialising in dampness, waterproofing, timber and structural stabilisation defects in buildings, we are approached by …

Condensation 101- what you need to know

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Condensation 101- what you need to know Streaming water on your windows? It’s hardly surprising – condensation is common in most homes, especially during the winter months. Condensation is the change of water from gaseous vapour to liquid water, and this unwanted dampness can cause lots of issues for properties. …

Village Hotel Warrington

Olympic Construction Ltd ensuring the structural stability of the Village Hotel Warrington.

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When evidence of structural movement was noted to the fire escape of the Village Hotel Warrington Olympic Construction Ltd were asked to undertake stabilisation works, using the Thorhelical remedial stabilisation system. We used a combined system of wall ties, masonry beaming & Crack stitching to ensure no further movement would …

Homes Bill

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Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018Is this act the opening of a door to take over from PPI claims With claims against landlords?What is the act and what is its purpose The act is simply an amended version of the ‘Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. The legislation informs landlords …

Wall Ties & Structural Stabilisation

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The first time most people outside the industry ever hear about wall ties, is when either when the receive a home buyers or structural engineers report following cracking to the walls of their property. Olympic Construction, have Chartered Building Engineers, who have a full and detailed working knowledge of wall …

rising damp

Rising Damp

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This is defined as ground water rising through the structure by capillary suction. Rising damp results in unsightly damage to internal decorations, which will lead to timber decay and heat loss through the wall.  This can be effectively addressed by installing BBA Agrément certificated damp proof systems, to BS 6576: …