Penetrating Dampness

Defective gutters lead to dampness

What is penetrating dampness?

Penetrating dampness is caused by water leaking through walls or ceilings. This type of damp may move around within a building, but this is through horizontal or downward movement rather than travelling up walls (as is the case with rising damp). Penetrating dampness is usually caused by structural problems such as faulty guttering or roofing.

Long term defects lead to fungal decay

Symptoms of penetrating dampness

Penetrating dampness often shows up through damp patches on walls, ceilings or floors, which may darken when it rains. Over a period of time, mould will form on the wall surface, and plaster will start to decay, timbers within the area will also become damp and are at risk of becoming affected by fungal decay.
The first course of action is to undertake repairs to prevent further water ingress into the structure. The drying down time can vary massively dependingon the property construction type and time of water ingress.

Internal damage due to Penetrating dampness

Penetrating dampness surveys

Repairs to the structure can vary from repointing of the external brickwork to internal replastering. There are many systems available to repair the damage as a result of penetrating dampness. Following a survey our surveyor would provide you with a written report giving you a detailed specification of the works if any which are required.

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