Wall Ties & Structural Stabilisation

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The first time most people outside the industry ever hear about wall ties, is when either when the receive a home buyers or structural engineers report following cracking to the walls of their property.

Olympic Construction, have Chartered Building Engineers, who have a full and detailed working knowledge of wall ties and how their failure can result in damage occurring to your property.

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Wall ties are a mechanical means of connecting the inner and out leafs of brickwork to provide stability to the wall and prevent movement and collapse due to the pressure applied by the forces of the wind.

There are various types of wall ties installed within building from the simple wire butterfly tie to the thicker more problematic thick vertical twist or flat bar ties which cause cracking to the brickwork due to forces applied due to expansion or the corroding metal.

Corrosion and failure of the installed wall ties system can occur due to a number of reasons, water ingress into the structure, corrosive black ash mortars, age of the building and type of tie installed.

Inspection of the wall ties is the first stage of the process, this should be undertaken by one of our qualified surveyors, who will not only inspect the wall ties within the wall cavity but will undertake an inspection of the building in full to establish if there are any contributing factors or related defects.

Following the inspection, a full detailed report will be provided which will detail any remedial works which are required, or inform you if the system is satisfactory and no further action is required.

Should remedial works be required then our fully trained installation operatives will undertake the required remedial systems to stabilise the building, with full insurance backed guarantees provided for all works undertaken.

Contact us form more information or look on website for answers to many of the questions you may have. https://olympic-construction.co.uk/services/structural-repairs/wall-ties/