How can you be certain your wall ties are working

How can you be certain your wall ties are working?

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Your home buyer survey recommends you have remedial wall ties installed, you duly appoint a company who advertise as wall tie specialist, they send out a surveyor to inspect the ties in the cavity with an endoscope, who then informs you’re the wall ties need replacing. 

Wall ties are now freely available for anyone to buy on the internet, which presents a problem, in that anyone can set up as a wall tie installation company.

Below are a few questions you should be asking the contractor, don’t take their word ask them to prove their answers, if they cannot provide the evidence then don’t instruct them work on your home.

1.     Will you be providing a full written report- the company should provide you with a full written report detailing all aspects affecting the wall tie installation

2.     Where did you do your training and what qualifications have you in relation to wall tie installation. 

3.     Are the installation technicians trained and qualified, where did they do their training.

4.     Will the wall ties be tested and will you be providing proof of this testing, all wall tie installations should be tested as part of the installation system, if the company do not undertake pull out tests how do they know the system is working correctly. 

5.     What guarantee will you be providing for the works undertaken, they should be providing an independent GPI guarantee for the remedial works, not a company guarantee. 

Olympic Construction will be able to provide you with factual positive answers to all the above questions, as we will provide you with a full written report, we have undertaken constructive training, we do undertake testing of the wall tie systems we install and we can provide you with an independent insurance backed guarantee, which will still be valid, even if we are no longer trading.  

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