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Streaming windows?
Black mould on walls or fabrics and furnishings?
Musty smells?

Condensation accounts for approximately 70% of reported damp problems in domestic dwellings. It manifests itself in Streaming windows, Black mould on walls, fabrics or furnishings; and musty smells.

We have been curing condensation problems for over 25 years, and provide a number of cost-effective solutions for both home owners and landlords, ensuring the fabric of your property is protected and that the living environment for its occupants is a healthy one.

Condensation dampness results from too much moisture in the air. This is generated by bathing, showering, drying clothes, and even breathing. Most homes will experience condensation dampness, with streaming windows, damp surfaces and musty smells being tell-tale signs. Occupant lifestyle also contributes to condensation. It is a little known fact that just one occupant within a property produces 2 litres of moisture a day simply by breathing. Contact the specialist