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Do you use the basement under your home? Many people forget about their basement when they want more habitable space, but there are so many possibilities; whether it be an extra en-suite bedroom, playroom or a home office.

Ways you can transform your space

Entertainment central - whether you’ve always fancied getting competitive in your own games room, watching movies in your own basement cinema or entertaining friends at your own bar - basements are an ideal space to keep you amused. You can make your home the hub of your social life, making it a great asset.

Health hub - if getting out to the gym is too time-consuming, why not convert your basement into your own gym? Some people even install swimming pools and saunas in their space below the ground!

Family zone- time for bonding with your loved ones is so essential, so why not invest in a space dedicated to it? Playrooms and den’s for children can also be a great use for a basement.

Office – increasingly people need a space to work from home, so why not use the space under your home in a productive way by converting it to a home office?

Getting the green light

Most people are unaware that converting a basement or cellar does require external approval. However, it usually only needs building control approval unless you want some external access such as windows, doors or for it to be a fully self-contained unit.

If a party wall is needed or the work is carried out 3 metres within a neighbouring property, the party wall act 1996 will apply and you will need a party wall surveyor.

How we can help you

Olympic Construction are specialists in waterproofing so damp basements can be transformed into safe and functional spaces that are an asset to your home. It doesn’t have to be dark and damp - natural light and ventilation can be introduced to your space, creating an atmosphere you feel at home in. However, as cellars and basements are not traditionally habitable spaces, additional ventilation is recommended to control air quality, ensure it meets regulations and remove excess humidity created by human activity.

The layout can also be improved; whether it be increasing headroom, adding a fire escape or stabilising the foundations. Many unqualified surveyors overlook a drains survey, but this can establish the location, depth and condition of your drains.


 Waterproofing is highly specialist and should only be undertaken by qualified and experienced contractors who can offer you a professionally designed and specified bespoke waterproofing system, designed to BS8102:2009 by a CSSW qualified surveyor.

It is impossible to remove all traces of water, but it is considered ‘dry’ when waterproofed as long as it poses no issues for inhabitants, the building or interior design. Waterproofing reduces flooding and dampness risk. Dampness is caused by water coming to an internal surface of a building, moving through capillaries of the ground whereas flooding occurs on saturated ground where hydrostatic pressure occurs and pushes water into the property.

Why Olympic Construction?

 We have thirty years’ experience waterproofing and converting basements, designed to building regulations and BS8102-2009, with input from you, the client.

We offer a complete professional service, from the initial survey, planning, structural design and building regulations application, through to completion of the contract to convert your cellar into one of our innovative ideas, or perhaps one of your own.

We ensure our correct and functional specifications conform to BS8102- 2009 Code of Practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground and building regulations. Start the transformation of your basement with a reputable and competent company today.

Start the transformation of your basement

with a reputable and competent company today. If you have any questions please call us on 0161 633 9860 or contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions or make arrangements to undertaken an inspection.