Wall Ties & Structural Stabilisation

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The first time most people outside the industry ever hear about wall ties, is when either when the receive a home buyers or structural engineers report following cracking to the walls of their property. Olympic Construction, have Chartered Building Engineers, who have a full and detailed working knowledge of wall …

rising damp

Rising Damp

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This is defined as ground water rising through the structure by capillary suction. Rising damp results in unsightly damage to internal decorations, which will lead to timber decay and heat loss through the wall.  This can be effectively addressed by installing BBA Agrément certificated damp proof systems, to BS 6576: …



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Streaming windows? Black mould on walls or fabrics and furnishings? Musty smells? Condensation accounts for approximately 70% of reported damp problems in domestic dwellings. It manifests itself in Streaming windows, Black mould on walls, fabrics or furnishings; and musty smells. We have been curing condensation problems for over 25 years, …

delta waterproofing system

Delta waterproofing system

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When having waterproofing works undertaken to convert an existing basement or form a new basement under your property, ensure you instruct a PCA qualified CSSW waterproofing designer to design your basement, in accordance with BS8102:2009, and building regulations approved documents:


Olympic Construction Ltd

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65 TOP REVIEWS FOR OLYMPIC CONSTRUCTION PCA CUSTOMER SURVICE OF THE YEAR WINER 2016 https://www.trustatrader.com/traders/olympic-construction-ltd-damp-proofing-oldham/

CIGA appear to have a new CEO

CIGA appear to have a new CEO Nigel Donohue

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CIGA appear to have a new CEO Nigel Donohue, but nothing appears to have changed yet, still creating problems for customers with damp homes, with poor customer service, still fobbing customers off and pointing them to the aberration system, CIGA ‘Consumer champion’ Teresa Perchard as not even bothered to reply …

The short falls with CIGA

The short falls with CIGA

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It is obviously becoming more apparent with the push to install insulation within properties of the UK to supposedly save the world. That there are going into be more problems relating to dampness and fungal decay relating to it, affecting these properties. On dealing with a number of these matters …